Walks connecting countries

    in association with Experimental Space Collective [esc]


    The first walk

    Kazakhstan and the United Kingdom

    29th August 2021

    A collaboration between Aya Hastwell and Sally Stenton

    12 people took a photo as a simultaneous gesture during a walk from their homes.

    Associations between the images informed the pairings and the photos were overlaid, so that we might imagine stepping from one place to the other.


    The project has continued with walks connecting more countries. Click HERE for images and text from subsequent walks.

    This experiment in connecting places through walking and gesture was made possible by the enthusiastic participation of 6 people in each country whose images were paired as follows:

    Sasha and Sandy

    Aya and Sarah

    Larisa and Diane

    Inessa and Sarah (featured image)

    Svetlana and Paul

    Larisa and Rachel

    “When I stepped into the other place, I experienced the same tranquility and balance of mind, body and spirit, which I had here on my end at Riverside Terrenkur Almaty.  I think Rachel and many other people on our planet feel the same when they get integrated with Mother nature.”  Larisa

    “When I stepped from one place to another…..it seemed that nature and our yearning for this communion was all one, for yes, it was from overcast sky and dry path to sunlit trees and tumbling water,  both places to be in nature yet contained by concrete paths and channels built by public corporations that placed a value on our access to this, our natural world!” Rachel

    “When I stepped into the other place, my perceptions moved more than my place.” Paul

    (I wonder how Google translate does:)

    [Когда я перешел в другое место, мое восприятие переместилось больше, чем мое место.]

    “When I stepped from one place to another, I wanted to fly to the sky above the trees, and then to come down, enter the house and rest there.” Svetlana

    Когда я перешла в другое место, я увидела это и мне захотелось за этими деревьями взлететь в небо, а потом вернуться, зайти в этот дом и отдохнуть.

    “I was half way up the round hill and turned  to look back to take my photo of beautiful golden  Bath.  When I stepped from one place to the other I turned back to climb to the top of the Hill and I crossed over from that golden Bath stone into  the most stunning blue  dusk and the beautiful mountains in Almaty. Absolute delight.” Diane

    “It seems to me that people living near mountains/hills are special people. I have a view from the window – always the same – but always different – one moment it is a clear horizon line and a clear sky, then bizarre clouds, always different colours, depending on the time of day. And I love to view photos of ANY MOUNTAINS / HILLS, wherever these photos are taken …Greatness, tranquility, beauty !!!” Larisa

    “That is a great idea . It was nice!” Inessa

    “When I stepped into the other place, space and time was flattened and compressed. Three things had struck me in the moment I took the picture. The strong horizontal division, the green grass fresh and bright in the sunlight and the pink and orange neons. Well they all found their echo in Inessa’s image. A kind of Alice in Wonderland conversation occurred.” Sarah P

    “It looks like the Glovo person was riding in London, and then someone in London drew the picture, and everyone liked it!” Sasha

    “They all work remarkably well perhaps Glovo should use it for marketing purposes as it looks as though it was meant to be!!”  Sandy

    “I love the pairings, how amazingly similar! When I stepped from one place to another I was surprised how easy it was, I could hear the breeze stirring the leaves, feel it on my face. Distance is nothing and connection everything.” Sarah W

    “When I stepped from one place to another, I stepped from a bustling area to a quiet and isolated one. It looked similar, but there were no people around. Yet, I felt connected to the site and wouldn’t know a difference between the places.” Aya