A walk in common

    The common act of walking at the same time in a different place.

    Everyone is welcome to participate wherever you are.

    Spring walk

    April 10th 2021


    You are invited to share an experience of walking at the same times as others, wherever you are.

    The poetic prompt for the walk will be determined by the number of legs, including walking companions, human or otherwise using the Walking-Generator device. Please send an email to info@sallystenton.com by 2pm on 9th April, stating number of legs walking and your location.

    You will receive the shared prompt for the walk on the evening of 9th AprilĀ and an invitation to send an image of paws, feet, shoes etc to be collaged together as a fusion of our experiences. All welcome!!



    This invitation was featured in the online exhibition:


    Cambridge Festival of Ideas

    26th March to 4th April 2021

    The Walk-Generator

    A device for creating poetic prompts for everyday walks!